Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 1 - I'm already challenged :)

Well, I finally found the font and color possibilities by accident. Not sure how that happened. It's all hit and miss tonight. Must call some of the other people in the district who may be doing this blog and 23 things on a stick to see how they are doing. I can see how helpful it would be to work with someone, I used to think I knew technology, but this has been a real challenge tonight. Wonder what the next step will be. I didn't think the avatar "stuck" because there was an error message, but when I looked at the blog page, there it was. Couldn't find the colors and fonts for a long time. Hopefully I can find this again tomorrow or whenever I try again.

Thought this would be a good activity so I would know what people are doing and talking about. I'm not too old to learn and I don't want to quit, but if it's all this challenging, I'm not sure how I'll do.